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Terms and conditions

1. The general conditions published on this website

settle the relations between CLIENTS of the games with the trademark Infinity Escape and the PROVIDER of the service Infinity Entertainment OOD, UIC: 205589519, address of management: Sofia, 6 Pastar Svyat Str., 6th floor, apt. 17 and Manager Miroslav Mihailov Manchev.

2. Services provided on the territory of sites managed by the SUPPLIER:

  • The provided game-service called “Escape from the room” is carried out in the specially built playrooms on the territory of the SUPPLIER’s commercial sites.
  • All CLIENTS are obliged to get acquainted with the conditions of the SUPPLIER and the rules of the game, which are provided both on the website of the SUPPLIER and in all its retail outlets.
  • The SUPPLIER is not responsible for any injuries or injuries that have occurred as a result of improper actions during the game by the CUSTOMERS.
  • Individuals over 14 years of age can take part in the game “Escape from the room” organized by the SUPPLIER. CLIENTS between the ages of 10 and 14 need to be accompanied, who is NOT required to participate in the game. For adolescents under 10 years of age, the game can be carried out only with the presence of a companion who MUST participate in gaming activities. The game is free for children under 10 years old.
  • The duration of an Escape from the Room game is 75 minutes. A minimum of two CLIENTS and a maximum of six CLIENTS can take part in the game. From the moment the game starts, the beginning of the seventy-five minutes of play for all CLIENTS is marked and after their expiration, all CLIENTS will have to leave the game room, regardless of whether they have solved all the puzzles.
  • CLIENTS, under the influence of alcohol and / or narcotic substances, are not allowed on the territory of any of the SUPPLIER’s sites. In case of the presence of such persons, the SUPPLIER has the right to call the law enforcement authorities.
  • CLIENTS can at any time terminate their participation in the game “Escape from the room”, our operator will take them out of the gaming rooms. After the interruption, the player is not allowed to continue the game.
  • In case of incorrect or malicious play or behaviour on the part of the CUSTOMERS, the operator may immediately terminate the game “Escape from the room” and remove the CUSTOMERS from the gaming premises, as well as from the territory of the SUPPLIER’s commercial site.
  • There is 24-hour video surveillance on the territory of the supplier’s site. During the game, CLIENTS are registered. These records are kept for 24 hours, after which they are deleted. The recordings will not be used for commercial purposes or published anywhere. The SUPPLIER will use the records only in case of malicious actions by CLIENTS, as evidence before the competent authorities.
  • CUSTOMERS bear full material responsibility in case of damage to any property of the SUPPLIER, regardless of whether the damage occurred intentionally or not. In case of refusal by CLIENTS to pay the amount due by them for the material damages, the SUPPLIER has the right to file a lawsuit in the relevant competent court of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • The CLIENTS are obliged to go through safety instructions and game conditions, which will be provided to them by the SUPPLIER, immediately before the start of the game of the CLIENTS. Without passing instruction, no CLIENT can participate in the game.
  • After the CLIENTS have been instructed on safety and conditions of play, as well as have read the general conditions of the SUPPLIER, the CLIENTS are obliged to fill in a DECLARATION of agreement with all the rules, in which they must correctly fill in their personal data. In case of incorrectly provided personal data by CLIENTS, the SUPPLIER has the right to immediately notify the law enforcement authorities for violation of Art. 313 of the Criminal Code. Without a signed Declaration of Consent, no CLIENT can participate in the game.
  • CLIENTS can book an hour for the game “Escape from the room” through the online platform on the SUPPLIER’s website. CLIENTS have the right to make a change in the reservation by phone, but no later than 24 hours from the reserved time. In case of no-show or delay of more than 15 minutes for the time of booking, the reservation is cancelled.
  • The use of telephones and any recording devices in the gaming area is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule by the CLIENT may lead to early termination of the game.
  • The CLIENTS pay the value of the provided service after the end of the playing time according to the price list available on the website and the physical sites of the SUPPLIER. Payment can be made both in cash and by bank card at a POS terminal.

3. Online services provided by the Provider:

  • The website offers the purchase of keys for access to the online “escape” games offered by the SUPPLIER.
  • The SUPPLIER provides the CLIENTS with an electronic catalog with online “escape” games with the possibility to purchase a game key, which the CLIENTS can purchase by placing an order and paying the announced price in compliance with these conditions.
  • CUSTOMERS accept these terms and conditions by filling in the required data for the purchase of their chosen game keys. In this way, the CLIENTS make an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, by virtue of which they declare that they are familiar with the present conditions, accept them and undertake to comply with them.
  • Before concluding a distance selling contract, the consumer explicitly declares, by filling in the relevant fields regarding delivery data and method of payment, that he understands and accepts that he concludes a sales contract, by virtue of which he undertakes to pay to the SUPPLIER. the selling price of the game keys selected by him.
  • The order is formed by sending a purchase order, by completing the procedure for payment of the selected game keys. This action is a statement of intent, which binds with the force of an offer made by the CLIENT to the SUPPLIER in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Obligations and Contracts (CPA).
  • CLIENTS have no right to withdraw from the contract thus concluded, according to the explicit provision of Art. 57, item 13 of the Consumer Protection Act. The value of the keys is not subject to refund, according to Article 57, paragraph 13 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)
  • The purchase of a key for online “escape” game is made with a bank card through VPOS (the service is to be activated) or in cash in the physical vows of the SUPPLIER

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