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Mystic Wands

Mystic Wands is not a typical escape room, it's a chance to immerse yourself in the amazing world of magic. This is where young wizards and witches come in search of their most important magical tool - their magic wand. You can witness an interactive experience and see how magic wands choose their owner, as well as learn interesting facts about their creation! Visitors can purchase their unique magic wand, handmade and decorated by a master craftsman.

For maximum effect, we recommend that the experience in the Mystic Wands is always combined with a game in the "Mystery of the Secret room" or "Muggle - An unexpected journey".

If you would like to book a slot for 'Mystic Wands' separately (not as part of a game in the extended version of 'The Mystery of the Secret Chamber), please contact us on 0888565672.

Address:ул. проф. Стефан Димитров 2, София

2 - 6



per game




How long is the game?

You can enjoy 15 minutes filled with a lot of wow-effects, laughter and positive emotions as part of the "The Secret Chamber" escape room or if you book separately.

The Chosen One, as well as visitors to Mystic Wands by Infinity Escape, will have the opportunity to purchase unique designer magic wands presented in beautiful gift wrapping. At Mystic Wands you will find a diverse collection of wands, each handcrafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials and infused with powerful energies. Whether you're a budding magician, a seasoned spellcaster, or simply a collector of mystical artifacts, our selection has something for every taste and purpose.


Make a reservation

If you decide to visit us without a reservation, please call in advance at the telephone numbers indicated above

No brute force

None of our puzzles are solved using brute force.

No additional items

We will provide you with everything you need for the game, no need to bring additional items (they won't help you).

Be precise

In order to enjoy the game to the maximum, it is important that the whole team gathers 10 minutes before the booking time so that you can go through an instruction.

Do not record

Don't make recordings and photos during the game, let other teams have the opportunity to enjoy our puzzles.

No drinks or food

Food and drinks are not allowed in the game room in order to prevent damage or contamination of the game materials.

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